Working in a Good Record Store

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Working in a good record store is more than just “Eating and listening to tunes all day.” On a good day I can:


  1. Sell a kid his very first record player.
  2. Settle a bet over which album came out first, Revolver or Rubber Soul.
  3. Help a tourist family choose music that will forever remind them of their one epic vacation in Hawaii.
  4. Fill in the last LP in a teenager’s Pink Floyd collection.
  5. Put on an obscure jazz record to see if it has scratches, and come out with a new favorite album.
  6. Sell a bunch of kids a “real record” to satisfy a scavenger hunt list.
  7. Buy CDs from a longtime customer that I normally wouldn’t, so that he can pay the rent.
  8. Eat and listen to tunes all day long.

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