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“This is a wonderful independent record store. I was very impressed by the quality and diversity of their inventory. The staff was extremely helpful; they had no problem searching through a bunch of discs to find several songs my family and I had heard on the radio. And we were merely tourists, too!”

— Jeremy G. of Humble, Texas, 7/31/2011

“We visited Hungry Ear about three times, the latest was Record Store Day.  We received a welcoming atmosphere all three times and knowledgeable staff.  Hands down, one of the top record stores in Hawaii.  Highly recommended and a must visit if in the area.”

— Sam D. of Waipahu, Hawaii, 5/3/2011

“Stopped by today and had a great time going through their stacks of new and used LPs.  If you’ve ever gone through the pile of junk that Jellys Honolulu tries to sell you’ll appreciate the selection and friendly atmosphere of Hungry Ear.  Highly recommended for record collectors – these guys know their music!”

— Jana U. of Seattle, Washington, 12/23/2010

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